What to expect from us

What to do if you have a complaint

Before you contact us, please read IPReg’s Disciplinary and Enforcement guidance which describes our approach to handling and investigating complaints.  You should first exhaust the complaint procedure of the attorney or firm you have instructed and, if relevant, contact the Legal Ombudsman in cases involving fees, communication and service.  IPReg may tell you to take these steps first before it will investigate your complaint. 

A complaint about the conduct of an attorney or firm of attorneys must be made in writing.  If you are unable to provide your complaint in writing, please contact us by telephone so we can discuss how to assist.  To make a complaint, you can:

  • use the Complaints Form
  • send us an email to info@ipreg.org.uk
  • send us a letter to Fran Gillon, Chief Executive at The Intellectual Property Regulation Board, 20 Little Britain, London EC1A 7DH

IPReg will usually not investigate a complaint where the misconduct complained of occurred more than 12 months ago, unless the misconduct has only recently come to the attention of the complainant.  This is because the object of disciplinary proceedings is to protect consumers from current poor conduct rather than punish the attorney for historic breaches of the rules.  Where a significant amount of time has passed between the misconduct and the disciplinary action, disciplinary action may be disproportionate and contrary to the public interest.  Additionally, evidence can be more difficult to obtain as memories fade and records are no longer available, making it difficult to fully understand the events that occurred. 

In addition to the guidance above, you should read the Investigation and Disciplinary Requirements Standard Operating Procedure which sets out the process which will be followed.