What to do if you have a complaint

You might find it helpful before you start writing your complaint to look at our Complaints Handling and Enforcement Policy which describes our approach.

A complaint about the conduct of an attorney or firm of attorneys must relate to an alleged breach of one or more of the rules set out in the and/or in the Litigators’ Code.

Generally complaints must relate to matters which have occurred within the last 12 months. If the complaint is made outside that period then an explanation why the complaint could not have been brought earlier must be provided.

All complaints relating to an alleged breach of the Code are considered under the Rules of Disciplinary Procedure. When we receive a complaint we will send you a copy of these rules and a simpler note explaining the procedure.

To make a complaint please use the Complaints Form.  You do not need to use this form if you would prefer to make your complaint by letter. The complaint should be sent to Fran Gillon, Chief Executive at The Intellectual Property Regulation Board, 20 Little Britain, London EC1A 7DH. An acknowledgement will be sent to you. We will ask you if you have already referred your complaint to the Legal Ombudsman.