12 Apr 2021
Following a survey of registered patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys, IPReg has today published a report on its findings.
1 Apr 2021
As reported through the IPReg annual renewal process, the nature of the four most frequent complaints made to regulated entities and sole practitioners in 2020: Costs information deficient/costs excessive – 77 total complaints (65 complaints in 2019); Failure to advise – 22 total complaints (12 complaints in 2019); Delay/failure to progress...
29 Mar 2021
IPReg will soon have vacancies for three new Board Members: 2 lay members and one Trade Mark Attorney member.  Please spread the word or apply yourself if appropriate.  
26 Mar 2021
IPReg Annual Report 2020 Headlines Through what was a strange and difficult year for everyone, the IPReg team achieved a significant amount. The following are just some of the 2020 headlines… Working from home: we hardly had time to unpack in our lovely new office when the pandemic started. From March 2020 the entire IPReg team has been working...
11 Feb 2021
This is to bring to your attention a debate in the House of Lords in November 2020 during which the IPReg Chair, Lord Smith of Finsbury, sought assurances from the Government that its proposal to exclude trade mark and patent attorneys from the (then) UK Internal Markets Bill would maintain the status quo in relation to their ability to practise....