Right Questions - Right Choices

Starting a new business involves decisions which can significantly affect its long-term success. One of the most important is how to protect your new ideas (collectively referred to as “intellectual property” or “IP”) and innovative business methods against competitors.

Entrepreneurs need to know the right questions to ask when seeking this protection – and if it is really worth paying for specialist advice.

The Intellectual Property Office offer a selection of support tools to help you to identify what intellectual property (IP) you own and how to protect it.  Their support is aimed at different groups: businesses, advisors, university staff and students.

If you would like to learn more about IP in an accessible way follow this link to the IP Tutor.

This free, interactive CPD accredited e-learning tool will help you to understand intellectual property rights i.e. trade marks, patents, copyright and designs and uses case studies to show why intellectual property is important. Although developed for students it is very easy to follow.

IP Tutor provides four tailored learning pathways, each adapted to suit the needs of different areas:
• creative
• science, technology, engineering, maths (STEM)
• law, business and accounting
• humanities, including creative writing

The  IPO offer help in other ways too:

IP Equip

This free e-learning CPD accredited tool helps businesses and business advisors understand IP rights e.g. trade marks, patents, copyright and designs.

IP Equip contains 4 short modules and uses video case studies to show why IP is important.

IP Health Check

The IP Health Check online tool is free to use and will help you identify what IP you own and how to protect and exploit these assets. It’s broken down into the 4 IP elements covering patents, trade marks, designs and copyright, as well as advice on licensing intellectual property and managing confidential information.

IP Master Class

This specialist CPD accredited course will enable you to develop a detailed understanding of IP and its relationship with business, culture and the economy, as well as sound practical skills you can apply to a business environment. 

For further information on the course and its cost, or to register email