The following closed consultations are listed below:

Consultation on changes to IPReg's Compensation Fund - this consultation proposed changes to the compensation arrangements; these arrangements apply in the event that a client experiences hardship due to an IPReg regulated firm or attorney acting dishonestly (as of January 2024 we have not ever had such a claim in the over 10 years there have been such arrangements). Closed 4 January 2024.  

2024 Business Plan, Budget and Practising Fees 

This consultation closed on 21 August 2023.

Business plan, budget and 2023 practising fees

This consultation was on IPReg's business plan, budget and 2023 practising fees.  Closed 22 August 2022.

Consultation on Regulatory Arrangements Review - this consultation proposed changes to our regulatory arrangements which are now in force.   Closed 31 March 2022.  

Consultation on IPReg's 2022 Practising Fees and Budget Closed 4 October 2021

Consultation on IPReg's Compensation Arrangements - this consultation proposed changes to IPReg's compensation arrangements. These are the regulations that we have put in place to protect individual consumers and small businesses in the event that they are the victim of negligence, fraud or other dishonesty on the part of a regulated person.  Closed 2 September 2021

Call for Evidence - this major consultation will look at IPReg's regulatory arrangements in their entirety .  You are invited to join the discussion on what changes are necessary to ensure IPReg's rules and regulations facilitate innovation and competition whilst providing appropriate levels of consumer protection.  Closed 1 February 2021

Proposing a sunset clause to historic exemptions - this consultation proposed introduction of an 18 month sunset clause to the historic JEB examinations and 3 named historic courses being afforded exemptions to the attorney qualifying pathways. Closed 21 January 2021. Thank-you to the stakeholders who engaged with the consultation. Please see here for the feedback received and how it has informed the position. 

2021 Business Plan, Budget and Practising Fees Consultation

A big thank-you to all the stakeholders who engaged with the consultation. Please see the feedback and resulting procedure at the IPReg Accreditation Withdrawal Procedure page.

Run off cover

Removing restrictions on providing pro bono advice

IPReg 2020 Business Plan, Budget and Practice Fees Consultation

IPReg 2020 Budget 

Addendum to the 2020 Business Plan - registered body fees