Rules for the Examination and Admission of Individuals

The Rules for the Examination and Admission of Individuals to the Register specify the required academic and professional examinations and relevant exemptions. The Rules were amended in July 2021 to reflect introduction of an 18 month sunset clause to the historic qualifications specified at Schedule 3.  Individuals holding those qualifications who have been unable, due to extenuating circumstances, to apply for entry on to the register prior to 1 February 2023, may apply to the Registrar to continue to recognise those qualifications in their specific case.  

IPReg determines the standards of entry required to be admitted. Only those exemptions specified in Schedule 3 to the Rules apply. As a regulator IPReg must act consistently and transparently and therefore “case by case” exemptions are not offered.

IPReg undertakes a detailed accreditation process. Accreditation is undertaken in accordance with IPReg’s own reporting cycle or at the request of the academic body. IPReg does not accredit courses at the request of an individual candidate.

For more information, see the Admission to the Register pages.