General Admission

2020 trade mark attorney applicants

We are aware that there may be some delay in the issuing of the formal Professional Practice Skills Certificate from Nottingham University.  In light of this, IPReg will accept as confirmation of passing the course, the online confirmation you will have received showing the Examination Board has approved your pass results.  Upon receipt of the formal certificate, please provide a copy to IPReg. 

Please note that applications received between 1 November and 24 December 2020 will not require payment of the 2020 practising fees.  Applicants applying before 1 November will need to pay the full 2020 practising fee before the application will be processed.  Fees for the 2021 practising year must be paid by 31 January 2021 and we will notify attorneys when the annual return process opens.

Before you apply for registration, please see our Frequently Asked Questions which may answer any queries you have.

You can apply online for registration to the Register of Patent Attorneys, Register of Trade Mark Attorneys or both by clicking HERE.  You should also use this form if you are applying for readmission to either or both registers.

To make an application you will need to create an IPReg account.  This will allow you to view and manage payments made to IPReg.  

The requirements which you must satisfy to be registered as a patent or trade mark attorney can be found in the Patent Attorney and Trade Mark Attorney Qualification and Registration Regulations 2009 particularly Regulation 4.

Please note however that the 2 years supervised and 4 years unsupervised “substantial experience” must ordinarily be current. This was added by Regulation 6 of the Rules for the Examination and Admission of Individuals 2011.

Please refer to our Practice Fees page for details of the various fee paying categories and practice fees for the 2020 practice year.