General Admission

Before you apply for registration, please see our Frequently Asked Questions which may answer any queries you have.

The requirements which you must satisfy to be registered as a patent or trade mark attorney can be found in the Patent Attorney and Trade Mark Attorney Qualification and Registration Regulations 2009 particularly Regulation 4.

Please note however that the 2 years supervised and 4 years unsupervised “substantial experience” must ordinarily be current. This was added by Regulation 6 of the Rules for the Examination and Admission of Individuals 2011.

Application process

If you are:

  • applying for registration for the first time
  • applying to readmission to the register/registers

you can apply for registration using the online form HERE

If you are already on one register and wish to apply for entry to the second register, please do so via your IPReg account.  The relevant application form is located in the "Registration Details" tab.

Attorneys admitted to the register between 1 November and 31 December in any year are not required to pay the registration fee for that year.  This generally means that applications received between 1 November and 23 December of any year will not have a registration fee attached.  

Please refer to our Practice Fees page for details of the various fee paying categories and practice fees for the 2021 practice year.