The revised Rules for the Conduct for Patent Attorneys and Trade Mark Attorneys and Other Regulated Persons which came into force on 1st January 2015 can be found here: 

The participating insurers are:

  • PAMIA Limited
  • Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE

We are open to other insurers signing an agreement to become a participating insurer.

The Minimum Terms and Conditions for the indemnity year 2021-2022 have been updated from the previous version (in force since 2016-2017) to include express wording affirming cover for claims made as a result of a Cyber Act or Cyber Incident (as defined in the Minimum Terms of Conditions).  See new clause 1.1.7 and added exclusions at clauses 6.5 and 6.6.  These changes are necessary because of the regulatory obligation on insurers to be clear about whether they do, or do not, provide cyber insurance under their PII policies. PAMIA’s Terms of Cover for 2021-2022 have been similarly updated.  We view that the changes ensure no loss of or reduction in the scope of cover under the Minimum Terms and Conditions.

Following the Disciplinary Case against A Patent Attorney, the Joint Disciplinary Panel issued Guidance on the use of liens.  Please contact us if you wish to see a copy.

For more information and guidance on client monies see the Practice Development section.