The Application Process

The Process

Please contact us to discuss your application and to obtain the application form.   

Approval of Entity

The fee calculation to determine the appropriate fee for your firm is set out in Section 6 of the application form and in the Practice Fee Regulations.

Approvals of HoLP, HoFA, Managers and Non-Attorney/Lawyer Owners

Generally the fee for approval of a HoLP, HoFA, Manager or Non-Attorney/Lawyer Owner will be £200 per application, except in cases that are not straightforward.

We must receive the applicable fees before we can process your firm’s application.

Except for applications for licensing (where the timetable is likely to be longer) we endeavour to complete applications within one month of receipt.

Contact details

The completed forms should be submitted (in soft or hard copy) to IPReg at:

20 Little Britain
London EC1A 7DH