On a regular basis, attorneys should:

1.       Reflect on their practice and identify areas for improvement, development or refresher training

2.       Plan how to achieve those needs through appropriate training, research or other learning activities

3.       Record the activities undertaken and evaluate how those activities met the needs identified.

Find out more about what we mean by this in the tabs on the left hand side.  More information can be found in the Continuing Competence guidance

Attorneys will be asked to confirm that they have undertaken this process, annually when they renew their registration for the following practice year.  Attorneys do not need to provide evidence of having done so, unless asked to do so. 

IPReg will undertake a random sampling exercise in the Spring of 2024, following the registration renewal process.  The purpose of this is to understand how well the new rules have been embedded and to identify any issues that are preventing attorneys from being able to comply with the new requirements.  IPReg will share the results of the sampling exercise with the profession (no individual attorneys will be identified) and identify particular examples of good practice. 

If IPReg identifies that an attorney has not adequately met IPReg’s expectations in relation to the new continuing competence requirements in the first sampling exercise, the attorney is unlikely to face any disciplinary action if they can demonstrate a genuine attempt to engage with the new process and a willingness to respond to IPReg’s feedback.