The Rights to Conduct Litigation and Rights of Audience and Other Reserved Legal Activities Certification Rules 2012 set out the three tiers of litigation and advocacy qualifications available to attorneys.

NOTE: If you held a Trade Mark Advocacy Certificate under the ITMA (now CITMA) Trade Mark Litigator and Trade Mark Advocate Certificate Regulations 2009 you were passported to a Higher Courts Litigator qualification and NOT a Higher Courts Advocate qualification.

IPReg Information Bulletin February 2017

Basic Litigation Skills Courses (BLSC)

BLSC options are currently offered by:-

CPD Training (UK) Limited

Nottingham Law School.

Upon application to IPReg, an individual who has passed the BLSC will be awarded the IPReg Intellectual Property Litigation Certificate qualification.

Please note particularly that Trade Mark Attorneys registered after 1st January 2013 via the full Nottingham Law School Professional Certificate in Trade Mark Practice are automatically awarded the Intellectual Property Litigation Certificate as we have accredited the Litigation Module of the course for this certificate. [Addendum: the NLS Practice Certificate Academic Year 2012/2013 was accredited – earlier courses do not confer this automatic award]

Rights in Higher Courts

Upon application to IPReg, an individual who has passed the following course will be awarded the IPReg Higher Courts Litigation Certificate:

Nottingham Law School, Nottingham Trent University Higher Courts Litigation Course.

Upon application to IPReg, an individual who has passed either of the following courses will be awarded the IPReg Higher Courts Advocacy Certificate:

CPD Training (UK) Limited Higher Courts Advocacy Course

Nottingham Law School, Nottingham Trent University Higher Courts Advocacy Course.