On 22 November 2021, the Legal Services Board approved IPReg's application for no increase of the 2022 practice fees. 

The Practice Fee Regulations 2021 set out the fees that attorneys and registered and licensed entities must pay to remain on either or both of the patent attorney register and trade mark attorney register in 2022.

The fee waiver application process that was introduced in 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic remains in the new Regulations.  Attorneys who may wish to apply for a fee waiver due to the pandemic should pay particular attention to Regulation 6 and the guidance attached to it. 

Fees are not pro-rated but will be waived for the 2021 practice year if an application for registration is received after 1 November and before 23 December 2021.  

Approvals of HoLP, HoFA, Managers and Non-Attorney/Lawyer Owners: Generally the fee for approval of a HoLP, HoFA, Manager or Non-Attorney/Lawyer Owner will be £200 per application, except in cases that are not straightforward.  For more information please see Appendix 5 to IPReg’s Licensing Authority Application to the Legal Services Board.

Refunds: we do not, except in the case of an administrative error, refund practice fees.