Disciplinary Procedure Rules

The Disciplinary Procedure Rules (2015) can be found here:

Disciplinary Procedure Rules 2015

The Complaint Review Committee and the Disciplinary Board may award costs to the Complainant/IPReg in investigating and bringing the case.  This can only be done when IPReg has served upon the Respondent, a Schedule of Costs, setting out what costs were incurred and the amount claimed.  The Respondent will have the opportunity to respond to the application for costs and provide such information about their financial means as they consider appropriate.  

IPReg recognises that it is very stressful for attorneys when a complaint has been made against them and can be distressing being investigated by their regulatory body.  Attorneys may wish to engage independent legal assistance in dealing with the matter and may also find LawCare a good source of support for their mental health and wellbeing.