2019 was a busy year for the IPReg team! The following are just some of the 2019 headlines…

The first regulator to meet all  the LSB’s regulatory performance outcomes - we are proud to be the first regulatory body to meet all the performance outcomes in the LSB’s regulatory performance framework and will work hard to build on that success. 

New Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system - after very hard work, the much needed new CRM system became operational in September 2019. We have already seen efficiency gains in the annual renewal process, on-line applications for entry to the register(s), readily accessible registrant information and correspondence, management reports and the ability to target communications to our registrants.

New offices – the offices we had occupied for many years were no longer fit for purpose. In December 2019 the IPReg team moved to the Office Space in Town offices at Little Britain which are accessible to those with mobility issues  and provide better value for money and an enhanced working environment.   

Regulatory Enquiries – we continue to receive large numbers of enquiries and have used the issues they raise to develop Frequently Asked Questions about education, qualification and admission to the register and, in June 2019, removing the 25% cap for non-interactive CPD activities. 

Education Working Group – this group of Board members began reviewing and improving our arrangements for qualifying as an attorney. This included working with Queen Mary London in relation to negative feedback that was shared with us about the quality of one of its courses and on which we have recently had constructive dialogue, improving the transparency of our accreditation process, increasing ongoing accountability of accredited qualification providers and working to broaden the number of qualification pathways.   

For more information on any of the above, and for more information on our activities in 2019, please see the Annual Report.