The IPO have asked us to publish the following important information regarding closing dates for sending requests for certification by the EUIPO to the IPO:

"As you will be aware, UK professional representatives wishing to represent clients before the EUIPO must be entered on the EUIPO’s list. For a UK representative to be added to the list, the UK IPO certifies that a representative meets the professional criteria.

From the end of the transition period, the UK IPO will no longer provide this certification and EUIPO will no longer introduce representatives to the list on the basis of a UK certification.

You should be aware that EUIPO closes for Christmas between 23 December and 1 January and therefore it is unlikely that certifications received at EUIPO after 22 December will be processed.  The UK IPO has agreed to send the final block certificate on 18th December and can send individual certificates after this date if absolutely necessary. 

Please could you advise your members to send an requests as soon as possible and at the very latest by Wednesday 16th December so that they can be dealt with accordingly.  While we will be able to pass on certificates after this date, we would expect them to be accompanied by an explanation as to why they could not have been sent sooner."