The Intellectual Property Regulation Board

Rules for the Examination and Admission of Individuals 2011

The Rules for the Examination and Admission of Individuals to the Registers of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys 2010 (amended May 2014)  specify the required academic and professional examinations and relevant exemptions.

IPReg determines the standards of entry required to be admitted. IPReg determines the applicable exemptions to the professional examinations. As a regulator IPReg must act consistently and transparently. IPReg does not offer “case by case” exemptions.

IPReg undertakes a detailed accreditation process. IPReg accredited Bournemouth fully in late 2011 and Brunel in 2015 each after a detailed review. Accreditation is undertaken at the request of the academic body (or in accordance with IPReg’s own reporting cycle). IPReg would not accredit any course at the request of an individual candidate.

This decision reflects the need for IPReg to ensure consistency of content and standard of teaching across a number of course providers together with the cost and resource required in the accreditation process.


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