The Intellectual Property Regulation Board

2018 Practice Fees

Although our practice fees are reviewed by IPReg annually as part of our budgeting process, we only issue a formal practice fee regulation if there are changes. The current Practice Fee Regulations can be found here.

The practice fees are approved each year by the Legal Services Board.

The practice fees for 2018 are shown below. The fees have remained at the same level since 2016.

Fees are for the year from 1st January. Fees are not pro rata’d but practice fees will be waived if an application for registration is received on or after 1st November in each calendar year.

We do not require any additional payment (and nor do we give refunds) if your practice fee type changes during the year or if you resign from the register.

The fees for an individual/body to be entered on or to remain on a single register or both registers can be found below:

Practice Fee Types Single Registrant Fee Dual Registrant Fee
Attorney solely undertaking corporate work £ 159.00 £ 255.00
Attorney in private practice £ 193.00 £ 317.00
Attorney not in active practice £ 144.00 £ 232.00
Sole trader not employing other attorneys or other professionals £ 317.00 £ 453.00
Sole trader employing others:
Base Fee £ 317.00 £ 453.00
Plus for each employed registered attorney £ 63.00 £ 63.00
And each employed other professional providing legal services £ 255.00 £ 255.00
Registered Body Fees For Entry on or to remain on a single register or both registers
i) Registered body through which only a single attorney and no other attorneys or other professionals provide services £124.00
ii) Any other registered body £317.00 + £63.00 for each attorney practising via the body + £255.00 for each other professional practising via the body

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