Price and Service Transparency 

IPReg wants consumers and small businesses to be able to make informed choices about who is the best person to give them advice on intellectual property law. We have therefore published (23rd May 2019) Guidance to help regulated firms and attorneys decide what information to provide about their services and costs.

The Guidance includes links to a substantial amount of research which shows that providing better information about price and services is likely to have commercial advantages for law firms.

All firms and attorneys are welcome to adopt the Guidance, however it applies specifically to firms (including sole traders) that advise individual consumers and small businesses (of up to 10 employees) on IP-related matters. Firms should analyse their client base and decide whether the Guidance applies to them. We would hope that firms have adopted the Guidance within 12 weeks of its publication (15th August 2019).

Please also see the Decision Document as to how we developed the Guidance and the related News Item.