Special CPD requirements including part-time workers, extended leave, overseas-based registrants and attorneys on both registers

Part time Workers

Registered attorneys practising on a part-time basis are required to complete the same minimum number of CPD hours as those in full-time practice.

Extended Absence

If an attorney knows in advance that they will be taking an extended period of leave from active practice, they should apply for a waiver of CPD for the relevant period.  This can be done via the attorney's online IPReg account.  During the period of inactive practice, the attorney's fee paying category will change to Attorney Not in Active Practice and during that period the attorney may not undertake any patent or trade mark attorney work.  If an Attorney intends to work sporadically during this period they may not change their fee paying category and will be required to undertake the full 16 hours CPD requirement.

If an attorney has had to take an exended period of leave unexpectedly, for example due to illness or caring responsibilities, they may also seek a CPD waiver retrospectively.  IPReg may ask for evidence that the attorney was not in active practice during the relevant period.

Where an attorney has been absent from active practice for part of a calendar year IPReg will generally pro-rate the CPD requirement, calculating 1.3 CPD hours for every full calendar month worked rounded down to the nearest half hour.  Where an attorney has been out of active practice for more than 12 months, IPReg may ask the attorney to provide information about how they have kept themselves up to date with developments in their sector during their period of inactive practice and details of a planned programme of CPD activities upon their return to work.

Dual Registered Attorneys

Attorneys registered on both the patent attorney and trade mark attorney registers are normally only required to achieve the minimum of 16 hours CPD required for a single register (and not for both registers) provided the number of hours involved on patent and trade mark activities broadly reflects the split of patent and trade mark business carried out. However, IPReg may wish to examine CPD returns from such dual registered attorneys to ensure that sufficient CPD activities are being carried out relevant to both trade mark and patent practice to support remaining on both registers.

Attorneys based Overseas

Attorneys who are based abroad are still subject to the IPReg CPD requirements but may include relevant activities carried out abroad or to satisfy overseas CPD requirements.