Regulations 4.2 and 4.3 of the Patent Attorney and Trade Mark Attorney Qualification and Registration Regulations set out the experience requirements for qualifying as a registered trade mark attorney or patent attorney. This page provides links to the accompanying examinations and courses which must also be successfully completed. 

Prospective students should contact the relevant university or examination board directly if they have any queries regarding their circumstances or or the university's course or examination.  Only the university or examination board can verify whether an individual meets their entry requirements and whether any exemptions might apply (see below).  IPReg cannot provide advice or become involved in these assessments.


To qualify as a registered trade mark attorney an applicant will first need to successfully complete one of the IPReg-accredited foundation certificate trademark courses:

Bournemouth - Postgraduate Intellectual Property Certificate  current fee £5,115

Brunel - Postgraduate Intellectual Property Certificate  current fee £3,690 (£6,135 for international students)

Queen Mary London - Postgraduate Trade Mark Law and Practice Certificate current fee £8,750

Queen Mary London - Postgraduate Intellectual Property Certificate current fee £8,750

Followed by the IPReg-accredited advanced level (professional practice skills) course:

Nottingham Trent University - Trade Mark Practice Certificate current fee £8,750.


To qualify as a patent attorney an applicant will first need to successfully complete one of the patent iterations of the Postgraduate Intellectual Property Certificates identified above (as offered by the universities of Bournemouth, Brunel and Queen Mary London) or the IPReg-accredited foundation certificate examinations - see here for the foundation certificate examinations syllabus, as provided by the Patent Examination Board - of which there are 5 potential examinations - current fee £305 x 5 = £1,525.

They will then need to successfully complete the IPReg-accredited advanced level examinations - see here for the final diploma examinations syllabus, as provided by the Patent Examination Board - of which there are 4 potential examinations - current fee £457 x 4 = £1,828.

There are commercially available courses to prepare candidates for the patent attorney examinations. These are not accredited by IPReg. 


Exemptions are set out in Schedule 3 of the Rules for Examination and Admission. It is for the relevant university/examination board to verify if any exemptions apply to an individual's circumstance.  IPReg cannot advise on or become involved in individual cases.

IPReg has recently consulted on providing a sunset clause to providing exemptions to specified historic qualifications. Please see here for more information.  


Please see the Frequently Asked Questions which seek to answer any queries you might have regarding qualifying as a registered trade mark attorney or patent attorney.