IPReg must ensure that individuals entered in the patent attorney or trade mark attorney registers have the level of honesty, integrity and professional conduct expected by the public and other stakeholders, as well as other members of the profession, and do not pose a risk to the public or the profession.

New entrants to the registers must provide a declaration of good character and suitability to be registered and IPReg may verify the information provided by the applicant as part of the application process. 

Registrants must also declare their ongoing good character and suitability every year when they renew their regstration.  Registrants are expected to declare any issues to IPReg that may bring their suitability to remain on the regiser(s) as soon as practicable.  This may include receipt of convictions, cautions or other sanctions received in or outside of the UK. 

IPReg regards failure to disclose information as evidence that an applicant might not be of acceptable character and suitability.

For more information, see the Guidance on the assessment of character and suitability.