The IPReg Accreditation Handbook has been developed to assist Examination Agencies (such as universities and the PEB) in delivering qualification courses and/or examinations which meet our standards.

The Handbook sets out IPReg’s approach to accrediting the course, or other provision, of Examination Agencies and outlines the core syllabus for the Foundation Level Qualification. It is intended that a syllabus for the Advanced Level Qualification will follow.

In developing this handbook, IPReg has sought to ensure that those seeking to study for the Foundation Level Qualification may continue to have a range of provision to choose from, for example in terms of format and location of delivery.

The Accreditation Handbook is now operational. We appreciate these requirements are likely to mean some Examination Agencies may need to make adjustments. There will be a lead-in of one (or exceptionally, two) course or examination cycles to complete the changes. Cohorts embarking on September-October 2018 assessments will be expected to undertake courses/examinations meeting the Accreditation Handbook requirements.

IPReg will be meeting shortly with all of the Examination Agencies to agree any necessary changes to their syllabus and the timetable.

November 2016