IPReg, having previously consulted on introducing an 18 month sunset clause to the historic JEB examinations and specified historic courses, made an application to the LSB as informed by responses to that consultation. The LSB has recently issued the Decision Notice which approves that application in full.

The revised Rules are valid from 1 August and include the following Note (as well as the related Schedule listing all the affected historic qualifications):

Note 3. As of 1 February 2023, neither IPReg accredited Intellectual Property qualifications obtained from the universities of Bournemouth, Brunel, Manchester, Queen Mary London prior to and including 2013 cohorts, nor the historic Joint Examination Board examinations prior to and including 2011 passes (or 2012 resits), are deemed equivalent to some of the requirements of the Qualifying Examinations. Individuals holding those qualifications who have been unable, due to extenuating circumstances, to apply for entry on to the register prior to 1 February 2023, may apply to the Registrar to continue to recognise those qualifications in their specific case. Information on the factors for consideration by the Registrar in such circumstances will be provided on the IPReg website.

Items 6.5-6.10 in the rule change application sets out the non-exhaustive decision-making factors we consider would be relevant to the Registrar, based on current knowledge and thinking, and we would not expect there to be substantive changes to this approach. However, as the rule change takes place in 18 months, we have not yet drafted an agreed policy which has been endorsed by the IPReg Board.  This will take place closer to the time, meaning any additional learning arising out of any discrete applications for registration, relying upon aged qualifications, which we may receive in the intervening 18 months, can be properly reflected in a current policy. Our policy will be published on our website and also brought to the attention of any applicant seeking to rely upon aged qualifications in support of their application.