Advisors have a regrettable tendency to use acronyms or technical terms and then assume the listener knows what they mean. Here are a few common ones which may crop up:

Brand = an alternative for “trade mark”; also describes features of business reputation

CIPA = the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys

Disbursement = an out-of-pocket expense – e.g. an official fee

CITMA = the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys

IP = intellectual property = collective term for rights such as patents, trade marks, designs, copyright, or confidential business information

IPO = reference to the UK Intellectual Property Office (also “UK IPO”)

IPReg = the Intellectual Property Regulation Board – oversees registered IP advisors

Logo = alternative to using “trade mark”; often used if the mark has artistic features

IPEC =  Intellectual Property Enterprise Court – UK court for smaller claims involving IP rights

TM = trade mark