The Intellectual Property Regulation Board


The future of the Legal Services Sector

July 2016

The CMA has published its interim report on its market study into the legal services sector in England and Wales.  The CMA’s market study is seeking to examine whether the legal services sector is working well for consumers and small businesses and – if not found to be working well – how it might be improved.

They also issued a news release which provides an overview of the interim findings and their emerging views on possible remedies to improve how the market works.  The news release contains a link to the case page where you access the full report.

Further information on the CMA’s market study into legal services is available on the CMA’s website.

You can find below links to a number of the responses which have already been lodged

IPReg Response to CMA Interim Report

Legal Services Board Response to CMA Interim Report and also the Legal Services Board additional paper “A vision for legislative reform of the regulatory framework for legal services in England and Wales” which is not part of the CMA’s market study but is on a similar theme.

Legal Services Board Consumer Panel Response to CMA Interim Report