The Intellectual Property Regulation Board

Disciplinary Findings

Our policy in relation to the publication of our decisions is set out below:

  1. Any decision of an initial “sift panel” to reject a complaint will not be published.
  2. If the initial sift panel determines that a prima facie case has been made out but proceeds to consider the case summarily the name, the respondent and judgement will be published.
  3. The details of any case brought forward to full disciplinary hearing will consist of the name of the respondent and the status of the case e.g. applicable rule(s) (the subject of the hearing)/“pending”/“heard but not determined”/“determined.”
  4. The determination of the Disciplinary Panel will be published in full although names and details or other identifying features can be withheld if the Panel requires, in its discretion, in the interest of public or private safety or protection.

Current and concluded cases are as follows:

IPReg (The Patent Regulation Board) v David John Rickard was determined on 21st January 2013.  Copies of the Statement of Facts and of the Undertakings can be found here.

IPReg (The Patent Regulation Board) v Nigel Samuel Brooks was determined on 9th September 2013. A copy of the Determination of the Disciplinary Board can be found here.