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9 May 2017

FD4-P6 Infringement and Validity Exam – Research Report

In 2015, the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) reviewed the policies, procedures and processes of the Patent Examination Board (PEB). Its recommendations to the PEB included investigation into the poor candidate success rate over a number of years in the FD4 Infringement and Validity (formerly P6) examination. IPReg agreed to fund this work and established a […]

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8 May 2017

Cyber Security

Cybercrime is now well acknowledged as a major risk to business. IPReg has produced some guidance on cyber security, including examples of cyber-attacks, consequences of cyber-attacks on your business and steps you can take. IPReg takes the view that Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys should take measures appropriate to the particular risks that they […]

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15 Dec 2016

IPReg responds to LSB Diversity Guidance Consultation

The LSB consultation on its Statutory Diversity Guidance closed earlier this month. The  IPReg response welcomes the move towards an outcomes-focused approach given it is more in keeping with the current regulatory environment. It is judged appropriate to review the prescriptive approach of the 2011 Diversity Guidance which focused on data collection and publication and move […]

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24 Nov 2016

IPReg Accreditation Handbook (Accreditation of Qualifying Examinations)

The IPReg Accreditation Handbook  has been developed to assist Examination Agencies (such as universities and the PEB) in delivering qualification courses and/or examinations which meet our standards. The Handbook sets out IPReg’s approach to accrediting the course, or other provision, of Examination Agencies and the core syllabus for the Foundation Level Qualification. It is intended that a […]

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3 Nov 2016

Research shows room for improvement on Client Care Letters

New research commissioned by legal regulators and the Legal Services Consumer Panel has identified principles to help legal services providers better communicate with their clients. Client Care Letters are required of all regulated professionals providing legal services. The independent researchers have recommended eight key principles for preparing effective Client Care Letters. They are: Show a […]

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