The Intellectual Property Regulation Board

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Attorneys on our registers who are not in active practice will not be displayed in this search facility, however they can be found on the statutory registers: Register of Patent Attorneys and Register of Trade Mark Attorneys.

A list of the registered entities can be viewed here.

Follow this link to find out if the attorney you have searched for has any formal disciplinary findings against them.

IPReg currently publishes information about individuals and businesses regulated by us on our website under ‘Find an Attorney’ and on our Statutory Registers. In common with other regulators in the legal sector and in line with the expectations of the Legal Services Board and Legal Services Consumer Panel, IPReg is now making information regarding attorneys who provide legal services to the public available in a spreadsheet format. This will enable organisations to use the data in a more user friendly form such as providers of comparison websites who may want to use the information. These sites and other tools promoting access to legal services are intended to improve choice for consumers of legal services.

The spreadsheet can be downloaded here. It bears the date on which it was compiled and at which it was accurate. IPReg can take no responsibility for the way third parties use this data nor for any inaccuracies or omissions that occur in that third party use.