The Intellectual Property Regulation Board

Board review process

All Board Members

For board members appointed after 1st January 2011 the review will take place one year after their appointment. It will be their only review during a three-year appointment.

The review matrix will generally adopt the criteria against which board members were selected; principally; the ability to contribute effectively to the strategic direction of IPReg; the ability to understand the priorities of IPReg and to command the confidence and support of the professions; the ability to analyse problems and issues, put forward practical and cost-effective solutions and the ability to build relationships and work effectively as part of a team.

The review will take the form of a written self appraisal which will then be discussed, confidentially, at a short meeting between the board member and the Chairman.  The outcome will not be published.

The Chair

For the Chair the following additional provisions apply.

The Chair will be reviewed after the first and, again, after the third year. The review interview for the Chair will be undertaken by an independent person nominated by (and working within) another legal regulator and the lay chair of the IPReg Governance Committee.

Soundings of the members of the AR Forum will be taken by the independent person. The AR Forum comprises the Presidents of CIPA and ITMA and one patent attorney and one trade mark attorney not on Council plus, for IPReg, the Chair and lay chairman of the IPReg Governance Committee.

1st June 2011