The Intellectual Property Regulation Board

Our Business Plan (and the CMA Report on the Future of the Legal Services Market)

The regulatory objectives which underpin all of IPReg’s activities are:

  • protecting and promoting the public interest;
  • supporting the constitutional principle of the rule of law;
  • improving access to justice;
  • protecting and promoting the interests of consumers;
  • promoting competition in the provision of legal services;
  • encouraging an independent, strong, diverse and effective legal profession;
  • increasing public understanding of the citizen’s legal rights and duties;
  • promoting and maintaining adherence to the professional principles

Policy Focus and Objectives for 2017

Our 2017 Business Plan highlights the continuing focus on Education and Training particularly CPD.

Download a copy of the Business Plan 2017 

The 2017 Business Plan was settled before issue of the Report of the Competition and Markets Authority on the Future of the Legal Services Market. We will be considering the impact of the CMA’s Report on the planned work and on resources.