The Intellectual Property Regulation Board

Diversity and inclusion initiatives

The Regulatory Framework

One of the regulatory objectives under the Legal Services Act 2007 is…..“encouraging an independent, strong, diverse and effective legal profession”. The Legal Services Board has set the regulatory framework for all legal regulators in relation to our work involving issues around diversity and social mobility and inclusion and its policy:

In autumn 2016, the LSB consulted on its proposals to revise the statutory guidance framework and the IPReg response (30/11/2016) cab be found here: LSB Diversity Consultation – IPReg response.

In February 2017 the LSB issued its revised guidance and the guidance confirms that it expects all regulators to deliver the following outcomes:

  • The regulator continues to build a clear and thorough understanding of the diversity profile of its regulated community (beginning at entry), how this changes over time and where greater diversity in the workforce needs to be encouraged;
  •  The regulator uses data, evidence and intelligence about the diversity of the workforce to inform development of, and evaluate the effectiveness of, its regulatory arrangements, operational processes and other activities;
  • The regulator collaborates with others to encourage a diverse workforce, including sharing good practice, data collection, and other relevant activities;
  • The regulator accounts to its stakeholders for its understanding, its achievements and plans to encourage a diverse workforce.


We have been collecting statistics in relation to the profession via IPReg Pro.   Statistics will only be published at the levels of patent attorney/trade mark attorney and in private  practice/in industry in order to ensure confidentiality for individual attorneys.

We have had over 2,000 responses; these include “Prefer Not to Say” when given as a response to a particular question.

Diversity Statistics

Disabilty Statistics

Ethnicity Statistics

IPReg Fund to support Diversity Initiatives

In 2015 we established a fund to support diversity initiatives. We have made a grant to Generating Genius to fund two STEM days.

Research and Reports

2012: A diverse workforce that understands its diverse clients

2013: Recruitment and Diversity in the Patent and Trade Mark Professions .

2016: 2016 Gender and Diversity in the Patent and Trade Mark Professions

What CIPA and ITMA are doing – IP Inclusive

IP Inclusive is an initiative set up by CIPA, ITMA, FICPI-UK, the IP Federation and the UK Intellectual Property Office, devoted to promoting quality, diversity and inclusivity throughout the IP professions. Find out more here.