The Intellectual Property Regulation Board

Rights to conduct Litigation and Advocacy

The Rights to Conduct Litigation and Rights of Audience and Other Reserved Legal Activities Certification Rules 2012 contain details of the rights attorneys have to undertake litigation and represent clients in court.

Here is a Guidance Note about the rights granted and available courses. The Guidance Note has been amended (March 2014) to make clear that the course leading to the Intellectual Property Certificate (the basic certificate) will be an assessed course.

Please note particularly:

  • Trade Mark  Attorneys qualifying after 1st January 2013 via the full Nottingham Law School Professional Certificate in Trade Mark Practice are automatically awarded the Intellectual Property Litigation Certificate as we have accredited the Litigation Module of the course for this certificate. Please e mail us if you are planning to attend  the fast track course so that we can advise you whether you will need to take an accredited litigation course (if you are already a solicitor or barrister or a patent attorney registered before 31st December 2012 it is likely that you will not be required to do so as you already hold the requisite  qualification)
  •  courses which lead to a Higher Courts Litigation Certificate or a Higher Courts Advocacy Certificate issued by IPReg are not subject to the CPD cap (“personal study toward professional qualifications”) and can be counted fully. We charge an administration fee of £100 for issue of the Higher Courts Litigation and Higher Courts Advocacy Certificates.

Note: Monday 30th September 2013: The Rules were re-published with references to the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court replacing the references to the Patent County Court and with the County Court referred to in the singular (the changes to the courts being effective from 1st October 2013) .